Product Designer

Allie Toussaint

Allie Toussaint

I have over over 6 years of experience in helping companies solve problems with user-focused solutions.  

Group 6


February 2021-May 2024

JP Morgan & Chase

February 2021-May 2024

JP Morgan & Chase

During my time as a senior product designer here, I designed, strategized on, and improved task and workflow tools and systems that supported JP Morgan's 16K+ internal users. 

One of these tools included a taxonomy management product which helped to improve the consistency of data use and storage.



May 2019-January 2020

American Express

In my role as a product designer, I collaborated across teams to design and bring a streamlined checkout experience called Click to Pay to launch.




September 2018

Improving the checkout experience of a subscription service

I completed a quick design challenge for a human grade dog food check out experience. 


June-September 2018

Designing a goal making feature for a curriculum based mental health tool  

I conceptualized and tested the integration of new features to be included in a tool for managing mental health at work.  


December 2017

Designing a conceptual service addition for LinkedIn

While participating in a UX Design immersive, I collaborated with a team to design a conceptual mentor matching service.  

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