Researching and designing a weekly goal feature for a mindfulness routine.

Role: UX Researcher & Designer

Platform: Responsive web app

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Company & Role

Psocratic is a corporate wellness startup focused on building mindfulness and health relationships in the workplace ( This project focused on implementing a weekly goal feature into Psocratic's web app. Currently, the web app is comprised of a mindfulness and wellness based curriculum. A weekly goal feature would allow users to set a goal for a minimum amount of activities per week. I worked closely with the lead designer during the project as as UX Researcher & Designer. 

The Challenge

In order to build a meaningful Psocratic experience, users need to stay engaged with the product and activities regularly. As a solution, Psocratic proposed a weekly goal feature. My questions as a UX Designer were: Is this something that Psocratic target users need and want? Will this allow them to use the curriculum more effectively? If so, how can it be designed in a way that is seamless and efficient?



Identifying & recruiting target users and assesing the competitive space

Screener Survey

In order to test the right people, I sent out a brief survey on multiple channels (Reddit, Slack, Linkedin, etc.) The respondent qualified for testing if they worked at a corporation/startup and had a method for setting goals in their personal lives. 

Results: 58 respondents, 37 target users that qualified for testing

The following video shows the original design that I tested.


Usability Testing

I led 7 users through the original weekly goal flow proposal presented to me by Psocratic. The test included the user setting the weekly goal, checking on the progress of the goal, and changing the goal

Main Pain Points:

-Users weren't clear about what items to interact with on the dashboard

-Users wanted more context around the purpose and value of setting a goal

-Too many actions to complete the tasks


Competitive Analysis

Looking at other products in the mindfulness and wellness space helped me to think of ways to convey value and familiarity to the user while setting a goal around mindfulness activities. The products that stood out to me were Headspace, Stop, Breathe, Think, Inner Hour, and Calm. I also took a look at some curriculum based products like Duolingo and Skillshare as goal-setting plays a prominent role in these learning experiences . 



Final Design


Redesigned Dashboard

In order to clarify curriculum categories on the dashboard, I included tooltips next to each category. I also included the weekly goal icon on the navigation as it was to be an important and integral feature. 



The tooltip expands on mouse hover or tap (mobile) to reveal a brief description of the type of activities that fall under each category.

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Weekly Goal Initial Setup

In order to address the lack of context around goal setting, I designed an informative screen that expressed the benefit of the weekly goal in relation to the curriculum. Text and illustrations were used to express the concept effectievly.

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Weekly Goal Bucket

Instead of tucked away in settings, I moved the weekly goal information front and center to the dashboard. This way, the user would be encouraged to interact with the feature and use it to keep track of their progress regulary. 

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